Hi! I am Sarah Lashinsky, an Atlanta-based product designer & illustrator.

I am a multidisciplinary creative, with experience in monetization, accessibility, and creative tooling. I'm an ever-learning creative & your critical friend. I strive to "yes, and" my way through tough problems alongside engineers, researchers, and product management.

I coded this site 100% by hand as a personal project with the support of my friend, Brenton Strine. In the past, I designed a new & improved email editor at Mailchimp, implemented an overhaul to the core product at Mutiny, & built community features for Strava.

I strive to be:


I make it a priority to carve out time to mentor and get to know people who are new to the design field. If you are a student, boot camper, thinking about switching fields, or simply interested in spending some time together, feel free to book some time with me. I look forward to getting to know you.

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"Simply put, Sarah is amazing both professionally and personally. Her kindness, support, and empathy will definitely encourage me to move towards my goals."

- Xia Liang, 2022 Mentee

Hand coded with ♡ in Atlanta, GA